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Born:  Biloxi, Mississippi – 1946                             Dual Canadian and United States Citizenship

Jim Krieger  Sculptor Montreal , Naples, FloridaI've always like working with my hands. My first artistic experiments started with carving cedar logs on the beaches in British Columbia in the late 1960's.

That was followed by hand building and carving in clay which naturally lead to sculpting in marble and onyx. having a rather short attention span I moved on after 8 or 10 years to exploring in polychrome steel. working with steel allowed me a freer aesthetic with which I could "draw" in space.

For the past two decades I've been working with mixed media, primarily scrap materials ranging from lead, to wood to asphalt and concrete. these discards are transformed into sculpture that often suggest historic and archetypal concepts albeit viewed through a contemporary consciousness.

I continue to be intrigued by the process of working with diverse materials and exploring their frequently difficult marriage.

Recognizing these perceived relationships allows me to explore the potential for transmutation not merely transformation.

Jim Krieger Biography
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